Tems Causes a Stir after Cancelling on a Kenyan Festival

Tems Causes a Stir after Cancelling on a Kenyan Festival.

Nigerian artist Tems has canceled her performance due at a festival in Kenya. The news did not come as a shock to Kenyans due to the previous mistreatment of Fave, another Nigerian artist during her show in Kenya. The Essence hitmaker announced the news through her social media and said;

Hey Kenya. Honestly, it’s quite heartbreaking to say this but I will not be able to perform at the Tukutane Festival due to circumstances beyond my control. I am as disappointed as you all are but I look forward to coming and giving you a show that you deserve. Love you all”

Some of the reactions include;

“Me after selling my mom’s fav goat for the ticket “

“Haha,Tems amewafanyia ile kitu,ni kama vile dem anakushow atakuja sleepover then she cancels on the last minutes”

” hope the “Tems is so decent, I love that about her” people still love this new … coz na yansh we dey get these days.”
“Tems amecancel naskia kulipuka anyway I made some banana cinnamon mahamri .these things slappppppppp also I coated the outside with cinnamon and sugar”

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