Jimal Rohosafi gifts Amber Ray with Amira’s speaker worth 25k

Jimal Rohosafi gifts Amber Ray with Amira’s speaker worth 25k. 

You cannot spell petty without Jimal Rohosafi in it. As we all know, Jimal and Amber Ray are currently on vacation in the coastal town of Diani.

Apparently, Jimal Rohosafi did not forget to pack his first wife Amira’s speaker on his trip to the coast.

The speaker has been spotted next to Amber as she enjoys wine next to the white sandy beaches. This has been termed as a new low on Jimal’s side by online spectators and made Jimal to be accorded a new title. The king of embarrassment.

Keen online watchers have wondered why a man would take her wife’s hard earned speaker to enjoy music with another woman.

Amira claimed she bought the speaker with her hard earned money only for it to be enjoyed with those who can’t work and earn for what they need.

She went on to say that if a speaker is being shared, the next thing to follow would be household items mentioning her sufurias. She wondered on where the line of sharing should be drawn.

She also talked on boundaries as if everything is shared, starting from her expensive speaker and least expensive items, life must be hard.

Fans have had their say on the situation with some wondering why Jimal could not just buy another speaker.

Some said that this act speaks a lot on Jimal’s character which explains why there has been unnecessary drama. It was concluded that all the petty drama could be avoided if only Jimal knew the importance of boundaries.

Later on Amira shared that her frustration was due to the speaker being the second one she had purchased, other than the first one which Jimal had given to Amber, never to be seen again.

She ended her statement saying that blessed is the hand that keeps giving and insinuated that if Jimal wanted to give out something he should buy it, and not use her belongings as she continues working hard.


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