“Uhuru Understands My Decision To Join UDA.” Anne Waiguru

“Uhuru Understands My Decision To Join UDA.” Anne Waiguru.

Despite her switch to William Ruto’s party, Governor Anne Waiguru stated her friendly relationship with President Uhuru Kenyatta remains intact. Waiguru said that the president understands her decision to join the United Democratic Alliance.

The governor also expressed confidence that she will win a second term as governor of Kirinyaga, saying that the President understands her reasons for backing Deputy President William Ruto. Waiguru joined the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) in late 2021 after defecting from Uhuru’s Jubilee Party. She vowed her loyalty to the deputy president.

In an interview, the governor, who became the first county chief in the Mt Kenya area to publicly back Ruto, claimed she also stated her reasons for leaving the ruling party to Uhuru. Waiguru said she explained her reasons to the president out of respect and not out of obligation.

I did actually. I mentioned the situation and how I understand the political ground and that I would be making a political decision. The explanation was basically out of respect, she said

The female governor, who will run for re-election in August, stated her relationship with the president is still friendly, and that he understands why she took a hiatus in her political career. Uhuru is a mature politician, according to Waiguru, and as such, he supports her decision.

He understands that people make political decisions based on their own lives and he does not control anyone. He will be finishing his term in a few months and I know he understands the reason why I moved to UDA, she said.

In the same interview, Waiguru exuded confidence that she will win the gubernatorial seat in the race which pits her against Purity Ngirici and Martha Karua.

I have looked at the numbers and talked to the people of Kirinyaga and they have assured me they will give me a second term. We will work hard to secure that seat for UDA, she said.

Waiguru said that her transfer to UDA was not suicidal, and that her ratings have risen since she joined the new organization. In a private meeting at the DP’s mansion, Waiguru, who had sailed off Uhuru’s ship on his 60th birthday, claimed it had become more difficult to stage rallies in Kirinyaga owing to her political ties with Jubilee.

Residents in Kirinyaga insisted she push the wheelbarrow if she wanted to speak to them, according to the county head, who added that some of her family members were already in UDA.


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