Danny Miles, Cancer patient who asked Safaricom to take care of his child dies

Danny miles, Cancer patient dies

Maurice Ochieng populary known as Danny Miles caught the attention of many Kenyans earlier this year on January 2023 when he penned a heartbreaking letter to Safaricom PLC.

The 24 year old said he was living in his last days due to cancer that was getting worse with time.

“Helloo Safaricom, I am Maurice Ochieng known as Danny Miles. I am from Muhoroni town. In March last year, I was diagnosed with cancer, soft tissue sarcoma.” he wrote.

The young dad said he wanted to take his family for a vacation but the cancer had drained him.

He then asked Safaricom to take care of his young daughter once he is gone.

“It’s eating me up for sure. Day by day I am feeling. I had been saving so that I take my small family to a vacation but I have been drained. I can’t. I am living with the help of friends. My young Daughter Britney Dova is still young. She has not started school yet. I was planning but I am sorry I have failed as a dad. Had my left arm chopped off but still the cancer metastasized. I am appealing to you to just help my daughter once I am gone because I can feel it. My number is 0706345827. My wife’s number is 0757084605 (Florence Odege) or maybe treat us to a once-in-a-lifetime ride I will appreciate so much.” he added.


News of his death broke yesternight, March 21, 2023, as Kenyans flocked to send condolences to his family.

According to his wife, Danny passed away at 10 pm last night.

A few days before his death, Miles had hinted that his health had deteriorated and he had little chance of surviving.

“It attacked again and I really suffocated. Whatever Happens, I Belong to God,” he said.

Many condolences to the family and may his soul rest in peace.


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