University of Eldoret Bans Indecent Dressing

University of Eldoret bans indecent dressing.

University of Eldoret has banned ragged clothes, miniskirts in the institution premises, not long ago Kenya Methodist University also made public some of the outfits and fashions they will not be accepting in their school.

The University of Eldoret has listed a dress code for its students. The facility has also banned ‘inappropriate attires’ among them Mini-skirts and ragged trousers for girls.

According to an internal memo dated 19th January 2023, the University has warned students against wearing mini-skirts, skin-tight trousers, ragged/torn/ripped jeans, tumbo cuts, bum shorts, and transparent dresses revealing parts of the body and inner clothing for girls.

For men, the public institution listed the sagging of trousers, clothes revealing the chest, and ragged/torn/ripped trousers as inappropriate dressing.

“All students are therefore advised to, at all times, desist from inappropriate dressing while at the University as this may warrant disciplinary action,” reads the memo.

A few weeks ago, Kenya Methodist University (KeMU) made public some of the outfits and fashions they will not accept in their school starting from the new school year.

In a memo that was dated January 5, 2023, and signed by Dr. Esther Mbaabu, the Dean of Students at KEMU, male students at the institution were not allowed to have dreadlocks, plated hair, earrings, and wear untucked shirts.

“Vests that show bare chest, hats or caps in classes are also not allowed.” It read.

For female students, miniskirts are among a wide range of dressing styles that the institutions deemed inappropriate.

“All university students are required to comply with the University code of dressing and wear appropriate attire during the study, at meal times in the dining hall, and in all university functions,” she wrote.

Female students are also not allowed to wear tumbo cuts, bareback, miniskirts, body-tight trousers, and see-through clothes any more.
Skirts that are above the knee line and whose slit is above the knee line are also prohibited.


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