Fan tattoos Azziad Nasenya’s name

Fan tattoos Azziad Nasenya’s name on her back

One lady identified as “Its Lemarke” tattooed the name Azziad on her back as one way of showing love and her admiration for the Tik Tok star. The Kenyan lady took her love for TikTok Queen Azziad Nasenya to the next level.

Sharing with one blog site, Lemarke said Azziad has always been her role model and she is so obsessed with her to a point of coping the same 👑 tattoo Azziad has and tattooing it on her back together with her name.

” I am a huge fan of Azziad Nasenya the queen of TikTok. I am very obsessed with her that I drew the same tattoo she has on her back, the crown and the name Azziad. She is my number one role model because she is a woman of dignity.” She sa


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