Nigerian singer Rudeboy
Nigerian singer Rudeboy

P-Square: Wife of Nigerian singer Rudeboy announces end of their 7 year marriage

The wife of Nigerian singer Rudeboy announces the end of their 7-year marriage.

Anita Okoye, the wife of one twin of the P-Square duo, Paul Okoye, has announced the end of their union after 7 years together. In a document that leaked Online, the wife has served Rudeboy with divorce papers citing irreconcilable differences.

The two, Paul Okoye and his future ex-wife Anita tied the knot in 2014 after 10 years of knowing each other. They were together at a time when the duo P-Square was at the peak of their career, which made their relationship high profile.

In their marriage, they were blessed with three kids, two boys, and one girl. A source revealed that there has been trouble in the couple’s relationship since April and from the look of things they were not able to reconcile their differences.

It is said that Anita Okoye one time had been in an argument with Paul Okoye where they could not reach an agreement. Anita left their matrimonial home in Abuja and went to the United States, with their three kids. She is still staying with the kids in the US.

The recent rise in the rate of break-ups between couples has stirred a heated debate online which has received several opinions. One online observer pointed out that just recently the Governor of Machakos, Alfred Mutua also had a similar incident occur to him.

The reasons for the many relationship failures are numerous with an observer highlighting that the reason for the many break-ups, especially during this pandemic season is because the lockdown has exposed a lot about the whereabouts and behavior of men in relationships especially due to the good amount of time that people have gotten to spend with each other.

It has raised eyebrows on whether men marry truly for commitment or due to society’s pressure for the perfect image.


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