YouTuber Dee Mwango breaks up with Philippino boyfriend

YouTuber Dee Mwango breaks up with Philippino boyfriend.

Kenyans YouTuber Dee Mwango has revealed that her relationship was not so perfect and was so different from what people saw on her YouTube page.

Dee Mwango who describes herself as a village girl revealed that she met JB on Instagram and they first met in Philippines.

She then introduced him to the social media scene and together they started making couple videos and sharing on her YouTube channel.

She shared that she thought everything was going well until her boyfriend decided to quit his job as an agricultural officer so that they could make videos together as they travelled.

Before the two travelled to Thailand, Dee gave JB money to clear his debts, she also gave him money to setup a business for his parents since he had no job and he was providing for them.

Dee revealed that because she was so inlove she paid for everything Jay needed to travel including the tickets, food, clothes and accomodation.

Things seemed good on camera but they were not in good terms since Dee was against him using her gadgets to shoot his content.

Her attempts to get him to buy a better laptop caused him to say she was controlling since it was her money and since then communication became an issue.

Jay moved to another country and they were not in speaking terms at all but he would still make videos saying how much he missed her to fool their fans.
He eventually changed the name and password of their couple YouTube channel.

Dee narrated how much Jay manipulated her and how much she supported him but the relationship never worked out and she felt he was not appreciating the things she had done for him.

After their breakup he refused to refund the money Dee had given him and also suggested that she should give him half the money she made from her channel.

The content creator said she has has however learnt her lesson and she hopes one day she will find true and genuine love.


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