Kamene Goro calls out people with bad grammar

Kamene Goro calls out people with bad grammar.

Ex Kiss 100 radio presenter Kamene Goro has revealed that she’s disappointed with people who have a habit of using English words incorrectly and those who confuse some words and their meanings entirely.

In a post, Kamene said such people have made her angry to a point where she feels she might start a class on basic spelling and grammar.

“I’m really looking at people’s terrible spelling and grammar thinking maybe I should start a class on basic spelling and grammar. How are you over 30 and still cant distinguish between This and These and Their even Him and Her is still a problem. guys?” she said

She revealed that she occasionally gets mad when she reads typing errors on people’s CVs.

The furious media personality reminded Kenyans of opportunities they miss out due to negligence.

“Look, don’t get me wrong its not mistakes its poor grammar and the lack of initiative to make it better that irks me.We live in an era where access to information is free and easy so you really have no excuse.look at CVs I receive with such negligent typos and grammar and am like why? Double check spell check send it to someone to look at it with a fresh pair of eyes or even simply make google your friend. You are missing out on opportunities because of negligence.” she added.


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