Akothee wants to be buried in her 700K wedding dress

Akothee wants to be buried in her wedding dress when she dies.

Kenyan Singer and business woman Akothee landed yesterday night from Paris where she had to buy her wedding gown after not finding one that pleases her in the country.

In an interview after landing in Kenya, she made a few revelations including the price of the gown which is around Ksh700, 000.

She went further to reveal that when she dies she wants to be buried in that gown and the shoes which she says cost more than Ksh130, 000.

“The same way I will have dressed for my wedding day, it is the same way I would like to be laid to rest.” she said.

She said she wanted to get an original gown because she did not want to be told she had copied someone else’s gown.

“My gown has cost me 4800 swiss france. People know that celebrity love clout chasing but I’m living original. I made money way before.” she added.

Her wedding with her mzungu bae is scheduled for the 10th of April at Windsor Gardens.

Akothee further said that she had only been married once before.

Which was with her elder daughters Vesha, Rue, and Prudence’s father. She clarified that the two white baby daddies never married her.


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