Mulamwah and Carrol Sonie End Relationship

Carrol Sonie: He’s the Father

He’s the Father.

Carrol Sonie has told off people spreading fake rumours about her failed relationship with ex Mulamwah.

She said news going around that Mulamwah did not father her daughter is false and urged rumourmongers to stop soiling their names.

Sonie insisted that her ex Mulamwah was her daughter’s biological father, and people should stop sharing fake news.

This was after she was forced to speak due to wild speculations that she broke up with Mulamwah because of their daughter Keilah Oyando.

Carol Sonie and Mulamwah welcomed their daughter on September 20, 2021. Speculations had it that the lovebirds parted ways after four years because ‘Mulamwah discovered that Keilah wasn’t his daughter’.

Their daughter is three months old. Sonie was prompted to shut down social media inlaws In a video she posted on her stories.

She told off people spreading fake rumours about her failed relationship with Mulamwah.

It is not funny anymore. The reason why I broke up with Mulamwah is not Keilah. Keilah is Mulamwah’s baby, period, she said.

This comes barely a week after the first-time mother told off critics asking for her daughter’s DNA. The mother of one said that the fake news had reached her family members too, and they have reached out to her.

I have been getting so many calls from my relatives asking me if the information going round was true. I never made such a comment or statement. Stop soiling our names! she added.

Sonie revealed that she met her former boyfriend at a theatre, where she used to go for acting rehearsals.

She said she was head over heels in love with the guy, although she didn’t reveal his identity, leaving fans speculating that she was talking about Mulamwah.

Someone told me,

this man has been cheating on you.

Nilikuwa nampenda sana and ukiniambia he is cheating, nilikuwa nafeel like unamchomea,  she said.

Sonie said she was heartbroken after news that her lover was cheating on her and decided to call it quits. But the guy still went to her place and apologised.


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