“Uhuru Will Stay In Power If Raila Becomes President” Kiambu Women Rep

“Uhuru Wants To Stay In Power Through The Handshake.”Gathoni Wa Muchomba

Gathoni Wa Muchomba, Kiambu women representative, has suggested that ODM leader Raila Odinga is too politically astute for President Uhuru Kenyatta to control.

According to Wa Muchomba, Uhuru’s handshake with Raila in March 2018 was a ruse by the president to appease the ODM leader’s political prowess.

However, as the truce was still being negotiated, the president turned to his Mt. Kenya loyalists, telling them that his cooperation with Raila was solely about peace, not succession politics in 2022.

The first-term lawmaker now claims that she and others like her have realized that Uhuru lied about his pact with the former prime minister. The pact, she claims, was about his succession, saying that the president is intending to prolong his tenure in the government by assuming the presidency of Raila Odinga.

Raila Odinga was too smart to outdo President Uhuru Kenyatta in any political process. He had to look for Raila. He lied to us that their deal was about peace and the country’s economic development, but that is not what we are seeing. We can conclude that the president lied to us.She said.

The politician, who is close to Deputy President William Ruto, went on to say that the president might use Raila to get his agenda and interests met even after his service ends.

She thinks that under Raila’s presidency, Uhuru would feel safer than under the deputy president, who is also vying for the same position. She said that the president has enlisted the support of Mt. Kenyans who are to support the former prime minister, which she believes is dishonorable of the president.

All his right-hand men are supporting Raila. We have seen the Mt. Kenya Foundation bragging about how they will make Raila president.

It is now clear, as Alice Wahome said, that Uhuru is looking for continuity. He knows there is no way he can get it other than parading Raila Odinga, which is against our wish, She concluded.


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