Amira Responds to Jimal’s Plea for Forgiveness

Amira Responds to Jimal’s Plea for Forgiveness.

Amira has finally responded to his ex-lover’s plea for forgiveness. A few days ago Jimal took to his socials and uploaded a post begging Amira to forgive him for all the disrespect he had shown her.

Amira took to her social media and uploaded a statement due to demand from her following. In her post she recalls the dark times she went through amidst the drama that occurred publicly in her marriage.

That apology has taken me back to one of the darkest places I have ever been in my life because I have reflected on so much that happened in public and behind closed doors and it has triggered a lot of emotions. It’s heavy, I can’t comprehend right now but I ask Allah to give me grace. Some wounds just don’t heal, you have to learn how to live with them.

Amira's Insta Post

Amira’s Insta Post

Amira was the victim of the widely publisized relationship between Jimal and Amber ray. She was on the receiving end of insults from Amber who loudly told her that wanaume ni kushare, hata hujioshi vizuri…and many more.

Amira’s breakdown was witnessed all over social media as her husband’s other scandals got exposed. But she stayed strong, bearing in mind she started dating Jimal in high school when he had nothing until the ‘other woman’ came and destroyed her marriage.

The two had been together since they were teenagers and have two kids together. The friendship between Amira and Amber Ray came to be through their kids but later on it was discovered that Amber Ray initiated the friendship to get close to Jimal.

Jimal’s religion allows him to marry up to four wives but him not considering his first wife in the arrangement of getting her a co- wife is where all the drama began. In an interview Amira claimed that Jimal could have at least told her about his plans.


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