Jimal Publicly Aplogizes to Amira in an Instagram Post

Jimal Publicly Aplogizes to Amira in an Instagram Post.

Businessman Jimal has finally decided to go public and apologize to his wife of many years Amira. The two were caught in a love triangle with socialite Amber Ray which led to their break-up.

Jimal took to his Instagram and uploaded Amira’s photo with a caption begging for forgiveness.

If I’m being honest, this hasn’t been easy for me to write. Out here I may seem okay but deep down I’m brokenand I can no longer continue to live like this. Most of you if not all know what happened between me and my wife and how we came to the limelight; To say the least it was chaos! It was messy! It was downright ugly! I may have seemed un bothered but I was helpless. I knew it was wrong, I knew you were hurting but I just couldn’t get myself together!

Amira I am doing this because the disrespect was also loud. I apologize for all the disrespect , for all the embarrassment, for all the hurt, for all the pain, for all the trauma. I am sorry for all the times I haven’t been the man I promised to be…

Jimal's Instagram Post

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