Bahati’s Manager Thanks God For Surviving A Kidnapping

Bahati’s Manager Thanks God For Surviving A Kidnapping.


Sylvester, the manager of Bahati and Diana Maria, expressed gratitude to God for surviving a recent kidnapping incident, as he shared the harrowing experience on YouTube. Diana Marua Reaches 1 Million Subscribers On Youtube


He recounted being abducted a few days ago while on a mission to deliver a phone charger to his boss.


The young man had just dropped off the singer’s daughter, Mueni, when he received a request from his boss to retrieve a charger from the office and bring it to him at home.


During his journey, Sylvester encountered two men on foot and two on a motorbike. The men on foot forcefully entered his car and, brandishing a knife, ordered him to drive.


The unsettling incident took place around 11:30 PM at the entrance of an undisclosed Total Gas Station.


Sylvester described the tense drive, with the unmasked men consistently instructing him to wait until they reached their destination, while the two on the motorbike closely followed them.


Eventually, the kidnappers instructed him to get out of the car. Fortunately, Sylvester narrowly escaped the abduction when the car experienced mechanical issues along Thika Road, prompting the perpetrators to flee using the motorbike.


During the ordeal, the thugs confiscated Sylvester’s phone and demanded his PIN number. He promptly reported the incident to the police and sought assistance from Bahati to address the situation.


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