Kahush reveals he sold his soul

Kahush reveals he sold his soul.

Kenyan rapper Kahush has left his followers surprised after sharing that he sold his soul.

Kahush who is the son of former health CS Mutahi Kagwe, shared the news with his fans during a Q&A session on his IG stories

Some fans have reacted by saying that he is probably referring to selling his soul to music.

Other fans have shared that Kahush has made the revelation as a public stunt in an attempt to gather attention before releasing a new song.


Kahush became an Internet sensation especially during the quarantine period after releasing hits.

While his father was informing Kenyans of the status of Covid-19 in the country, Kahush was busy building his musical career.

Kahush rose to fame in 2019 after dropping hit song ‘mi siwezi’.

He has also worked on other hit songs.

Kahush who is based in the UK, just recently released his new album and shared the journey behind the making of his new album, ‘Uptown Chokora.’

The musician revealed that he has worked with Nessy, Boutross, Korb and Breeder on his album.


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