Diamond Platnumz Reveals Zari Wanted another Child with Him

Diamond says Zari wanted a third child with him

In Season 2 of Young Famous and African which was released by Netflix not long ago, Bongo star Diamond Platnumz revealed to his new catch that his ex-girlfriend and mother of his kids, Zari Hassan wanted another child with him.https://sirikali.com/bahati-says-he-missed-out-on-netflix-young-famous-and-african/

Diamond and Ghanaian rapper Fantana are seen to be head over heels in love and showcased it on the reality show.

Zari and Diamond are parents to kids, Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan.

“Zari wanted another child with me. She wanted to get a surrogate to have the child,” Diamond said.

Zari is currently married to Shakib Cham with whom she recently told journalists that she would like to get five more kids with him.https://sirikali.com/tanzanian-superstar-diamond-exposed-for-cheating/

The socialite who was speaking in Luganda said she is ready to give her hubby kids and added that she is also open to surrogacy if it becomes an option.

She also added that Shakib is her first legal husband who officially tied the knot with her.

Her late ex-lover Ivan Semwanga only had an introduction ceremony to the parents but they never got a chance to walk down the aisle together.https://sirikali.com/zari-hassan-gets-married-at-a-private-event-to-long-term-boyfriend/

The two however had three kids together.

Zari had decided to explain about the reality show Young, Famous & African premier to husband Shakib on Friday after the airing of the second part of the season.


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