‘Kuna Kuna’ viral dancing man lands a new job

‘Miondoko man’ lands a new job with the government

John Ogilo Migun, the assistant chief from Kisumu county who went viral after he was recorded dancing to ‘Kuna Kuna’ in a club has upgraded to a new job.

John Ogilo was seen in a video dancing with Huduma Centre officials outside their offices in Kisumu town. The ‘kuna kuna’ dancer was wearing a Huduma Centre shirt and then started advertising the services that the government facility provides to Kenyans

In the video he was seen urging Kenyans to seek services from Huduma Centre as he clearly gave the opening time and closing hours.

“The services are now from 7 am to 7 pm. You can come from work and come to Huduma Centre to get your services.”he said.

Since the viral video, Ogilo has become quite popular. He has recently been attending interviews with different media houses and he even got a chance to meet the ‘Kuna Kuna’ hit makers.

Recently, he won a trip to the coast which was fully sponsored by a tours and travel company in Kenya.

In a one interview, John Ogilo said his aim is to interact and get close with the youth and be relatable so that he can make positive changes in the community.


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