Harmonize explains fallout with Diamond Platnumz

Harmonize explains fallout with Diamond Platnumz

Owner and Founder of Konde Music Worldwide Harmonize has revealed why he left WCB.

Harmonize, also known as Konde boy was an artist signed under Wasafi record label owned by Diamond.

In an interview with the press, Harmonize explained how his former boss Diamond used to pocket 60% of the money he made from his(Harmonize) music.

He said that his earnings of 40% share of money was never supplimented with any other amount despite him using his own money sometimes to get work done.

The truth about what happened between the two artists has never been revealed to the public until now. No one knew why the two friends suddenly fell out.

Harmonize said it was about time he told his truth because the silence had made people think he was the bad guy.

He claimed that he was purposely being painted to be the bad guy without a reason.

Harmomize had signed a 10 year contract with WCB which did not mature before the fallout.

The contract was not in favor of Harmonize which made him leave saying he lacked motivation.

The revelation did not pass without people having opinions about the issue.

Some sympathized with Harmonize while others were quick to ask why he signed the contract without reading.

Harmonize explains fallout with Diamond

Harmonize explains fallout with Diamond



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