Juliani is not broke: Nonini

Musician Nonini has come out in strong defense of his friend Juliani.

In a message uploaded to his Instagram feed, Nonini warned people who term Juliani as a broke guy just because he does not wear suits.

This comes after numerous comparisons of Juliani to Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua.

Juliani has been in a relationship with the Governor’s ex Lilian Ng’ang’a which has exposed him to scrutiny.

“It’s funny how people on the internet genuinely think Juliani is broke.

Obviously musicians we are self employed and hustle hard for our paper not the constant governor monthly money offcourse and perks but seriously,

over the past decade or so, the dude has remained the most sought after and is easily one of the most commercially successful artists of our generation.

This is the same guy who used to make up to KES 20million annually from his music check my interview with him on#RNN

And people on the net are calling him broke because he’s always kept in touch with his roots? This guy has a project he fully funded in D!

No wonder y’all get conned by men/women in suits. This streriotypical mentality must stop.

So Juliani is a downgrade because he is a dreadlocked T-shirt and jeans and the other is a suit person? As if we don’t know people in suits work for people in jeans smh #BIGFacts “



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