Instagram Halts Payments for In-Stream Video Ads

Instagram Halts Payments for In-Stream Video Ads.

Instagram is discontinuing temporary pay for instream videos several months after announcing the end of IGTV videos for creators.

The social platform declared in April that it was going to concentrate on reels, long-form videos, shopping, and other platform updates. In order to compete with TikTok and Youtube Shorts, the company needed to change its emphasis to videos, according to CEO Adam Mosseri. The modification was done in order to satisfy the needs of the cutthroat market. It was realized quickly, however, that creators would no longer be compensated for their in-stream videos.

Creators received notifications from Instagram informing them that the payment would be discontinued in October. Similar circumstances occurred when eligible creators were to be paid for tagging products for the new affiliate program, but Instagram discontinued the initiative two months after it began.


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