Davido reveals he charges Ksh 84 million per show

Davido reveals he charges Ksh 84 million per show.

Nigerian superstar Davido has revealed that he charges $600,000 per show, Ksh 84 million.

Davido revealed that his rate had gone up because he was tired of constantly being booked.

The singer then maintained the fewer people could afford him the fewer monthly shows he’d perform at.

“I mean now I charge $600,000 per show so it is less actually. You feel me? Because the less people can pay, the fewer shows I will perform in a month.” he said

He hinted that currently he is looking for atleast three or four shows per month and that wasn’t a bad bargain for him as either way he is getting millions.

“If I do 4 shows a month that is 2 or 3 million dollars.”

Fans have been left conflicted following this revelation with some applauding him for knowing his worth and not settling for less while others sayimg the high cost of tickets will make it impossible for them to attend his shows.


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