Karen Nyamu and Samidoh
Karen Nyamu and Samidoh

Karen Nyamu accuses Samidoh of domestic violence while pregnant with their second child

Karen Nyamu accuses Samidoh of domestic violence. 

Karen Nyamu and Samidoh have been in the news for a few months after their romance was made public. Sources close to the couple had revealed that the two had been dating, despite Samidoh having a wife and even having a child together which proved their relationship.

The two met at a campaign rally in a previous election and have since been together. After public outrage directed toward the Musician, Samidoh issued a public apology, promising not to return to Karen Nyamu and stay with his wife of 11 years, with whom they share two kids. 

This did not happen as consecutive evidence of the two being together showed Samidoh never ended the relationship as he said he would. Things have taken a turn for the worst as the two are on the news again for all the wrong reasons.

The famous city politician made some concerning allegations against his sweetheart in a live video clip obtained from her (Karen Nyamu) Instagram page.

Karen claimed she had been severely beaten by the same man with whom she had fathered a child with, and that this happened while she was expectant with their second child.

Karen accused Samidoh of assaulting her after arriving home later than night.

Ona vyenye amenipiga, he has even broken my phone huko kwa bathroom, said Karen showing off a wreaked phone.

The incident has set Karen on fire as the well-known city lawyer has promised to sue the artist.

Karen also confirmed she was three months pregnant by Samidoh, which sparked public outrage with many people on social media blasting Samidoh.

The shocking incident occurs at a time when the number of people killed in domestic-related fights is on the rise across the country.

Many people have died as a result of violent disagreements with their spouses; some have slain their lovers then committed suicide, like in the case of the famous Kiambu tycoon.


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