Apple Airpods
Apple Airpods

Apple Officially Moves AirPods and Beats making to India

Apple Officially Moves AirPods and Beats making to India.

Apple began plans of transferring the manufacturing of iPhones from China to India and implemented them in 2020. Currently, the company is planning to move more of its products to India which include AirPods and Beats.

The goal is to double exports by the end of March 2023 and they have already asked suppliers to move production to India, according to Nikkei.

With the new move, profits are expected to increase by over 100 percent to $2.5 billion according to Bloomberg. , iPhones manufactured in India and shipped to Europe and the Middle East are equal to $1 billion in cost.

Analysts are certain that Apple moving to India is beneficial as it will broaden the manufacturing base that is intensive in China currently. India will use the move as a statement it is a manufacturing force to also gains economically with employment and increase in terms of trade, which may incentivize other manufacturers to join the base.


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