Khaligraph Jones apologizes to Tanzanians

Khaligraph Jones apologizes to Tanzanians.

Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones has decided to apologize to Tanzanians after a statement that he made claiming Tanzanian artist are not a big deal.

In an interview with Wasafi media, Khaligraph Jones said his interview with a Kenyan media outlet was not meant to demeanish Tanzanian artists at all.

In the interview, the rapper was responding to a question on whether Kenyan artists are on the right path.

Khaligraph said Kenyans are doing well and should not allow themselves to be pressured.

While at it, Khaligraph added that Kenyan artists are doing well even when it comes to international shows and they are way ahead of Tanzanian artists.

“Tuko poa ata Hawa WaTanzania mnaona, hakuna kitu hapo. It’s only that we Kenyans think kitu imetoka hapa kwetu si noma.” he said

Khaligraph Jones said to Wasafi media that the interview he did was cut to fit the blogger’s agenda and his statement was taken out of context to make him look bad and to insinuate that he has no respect for Tanzanian artists.

“Pia Mimi vile niliona hiyo interview imekatwa sikuskia vizuri ju niliona imeniweka kwa picha Mbaya. It wasn’t supposed to be like that. Najua watu wengine hawatawai elewa. That one I apologize for.” he said

Speaking about the ongoing beef between Tanzanian and Kenyan rappers, he said his intentions were to awaken the hip hop game and he is glad the artists took the challenge and it’s working.

Khaligraph had challenged Tanzanian artists to get in studio and record good hip hop songs within 24 hours.

Khaligraph Jones added that he had challenged the rappers to a rap battle and if he won, he would be respected.

Some Tanzanian artists called him out claiming he was disrespecting them while others went ahead to record diss tracks directed at him.

Some Kenyan rappers joined him to record hip hop songs and there has been an active rap battle between Tanzanians and Kenyans in the last couple of days.


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