Tales of Crazy Kennar cast member Africas Shiro reveals they were terminated

Tales of Crazy Kennar cast member Africas Shiro says what really happened.

Former tales of crazy Kennar cast member, Africas Shiro has revealed what had actually happened and why there are no longer part of the comedy series.https://sirikali.com/reason-why-crazy-kennars-group-separated-revealed/

Responding to a fan, Africas said that they did not leave Crazy Kennar willingly, but their contracts were terminated, forcing them to leave the group.

She however did not reveal what caused the termination.

Africas portrayed the character of the ‘Kienyeji Girl’ or traditional girl in different videos around Crazy Kennar.

Bushra on the other hand was in charge of research and analysis of content online to determine how the audience engages with their videos online.


However, Crazy Kennar is back to making content after a brief hiatus.

Praising his comedic prowess, netizens are showering Kennar with compliments for his ability to skillfully capture everyday situations in the most hilarious way possible


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