Moya David announces he is selling Moya City Spa

Moya David announces he is selling Moya City Spa.

Kenyan TikTok Dancer Moya David has announced that he is selling his luxurious spa ‘Moya City Spa’.

It is open for sale to beauty lovers and interested entrepreneurs at a price of Ksh 4.5 million.

The spa is located in Ngong road, Apple wood Adams and offers a wide range of services such as massage, facials and waxing.

It has a barbershop which provides grooming services such as manicure and pedicure, hairdressing among others

Moya David opened the spa in July 2022 in a ceremony graced by Bonfire adventures CEOs Simon and Sarah Kabu and influencers such as Azziad Nasenya.

During the launch, the dancer said it was a dream come true for him as he had always anticipated owning a business.

“It’s something I have been planning for long. When you get the chance to be in the limelight people do different things with their money. But for me I thought the way I’ve struggled in life, the little money I get I don’t want to waste it, I chose to invest instead. So this Spa is also a part of my investments since I’m a businessman.” he said.

He went on to reveal that he funded the business alone since he wanted to experience the feeling of owning something that is his.

“I didn’t partner with anyone and that’s why it’s named Moya City Spa. I wanted to experience the feeling of having something I own. I had always had a goal of achieving several things before 25 years old and this was one of them. I haven’t done the whole calculations but I know this place cost me several millions. All this money came from my savings before and after the fame,” he added.

Recently, Moya launched his own company Moya Surprises Limited, which focuses on surprises and delivering gifts to loved ones on special occasions.

The dancer also has a foundation which focuses on helping people in need.


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