Mulamwah And Ruth K Reveal How They Met

Mulamwah And Ruth K Reveal How They Met.


Following a delightful baby shower on Saturday, January 20, comedian Mulamwah and Ruth K are now opening up about the story of how they first crossed paths. Mulamwah and his bestie spark pregnancy rumors


In a YouTube video, the couple shared that they have felt a certain degree of pressure to discuss their meeting.


“Yes, you have been asking for the longest time, tulimeet aje? It’s funny,” Ruth said.


“Yeye ndiye alinimeet, by the way.” Mulamwa joked.



However, Ruth denied it and asked him to tell the truth about how they had met


 “Mimi? Hakuna, msidanganywe, tell them the truth of how we met,” she said.



“She met me, mbona by the time we met, mapicha zilikuwa zimejaa kwa simu yako? You were stalking me.”


She however responded by saying,


“Heh, is it bad to stalk someone? Si unastalk tuu msee, kama napenda outfit yako, ilikuwa unatafutia mtu wangu au bro wangu, si naangalia tuu, eh huyu ndiye, in short, nilkuwa naangalia outfit,”.


Ruth and Mulamwah keep talking but he adds,


“Unastalk mtu alioleka.”


She teases him, saying, “Ulikuwa umeoleka? Basi ulikuwa pabaya,”


Amused by the memory, they shared a laugh while recounting the tale. Their paths first crossed in Eldoret, where Ruth was employed at a hardware store.


Good-naturedly, Ruth asked Mulamwah not to reveal the specific year of their initial meeting.


Mulamwah laughs, “We met in a weird place; you can’t believe you would meet someone there, mrembo anafanya kazi uko,” .


He assures her and revealing her job,


“you know I’m an artist, so we were buying metals for a tent, so I was forced to enter a hardware………….So I entered and met a woman on the counter. We talked a bit, ndio kamtu alitoka, ni kama alikuwa anapanga misumari kwa kilo.”


Ruth agrees but shows embarrassment. Mulamwah continues by saying,


“When she stood up, I was like ei kunaenda aje?”



She begged for his number.


“Aliniangukia. She texted me and sent me her IG handle. She had kienyeji pictures,” he said about her clothes and style.


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