Nairobi Snake Man Receives Praises

Nairobi Snake Man Receives Praises.


The national museum has sparked amusement among many Kenyans with  snake man on social media by sharing a video featuring some of its staff participating in the widely popular “of course” challenge with the. Ezekiel Mutua Defends ‘Mali Safi Chito’ Hit Maker


The video showcased various employees engaging in the challenge, with one confidently handling a snake, another highlighting the presence of a prayer room in the institution, and a different staff member demonstrating their extensive knowledge of early human history.


The Nairobi Snake Man also made an appearance, showcasing his snake-handling skills.


The “of course I am” TikTok challenge has gained traction, with participants humorously revealing unique aspects of their lives based on factors like occupation and marital status.


In this lighthearted clip, the national museum employees provided a glimpse into their work lives, drawing amusement from many Kenyans on the social media platform, particularly the Nairobi Snake Man’s self-declaration.



“I work at the museum of course, I am the famous Nairobi snake man,” he said


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