Nitakuja hapo nikunyonye hizo nipples: Erick Omondi warns Andrew Kibe

Comedian Erick Omondi has come out strongly on Instagram today with a stern warning to Andrew Kibe over remarks he made about him.

As we all know Erick Omondi has been campaigning for Presidential aspirant Jimmy Wanjigi, under the slogan ‘Fagia Wote.’

Recently he took his campaign to another level with the motive of mobilizing women to vote for his candidate.

Erick dressed in women’s wear and filmed a video with several actresses, as a campaign strategy.

Andrew Kibe on the other hand did not watch Erick’s video peacefully from the US, where he currently is.

Kibe reacted to the video with condescending criticism towards Erick for wearing women’s clothes to get the attention of women.

The two are now heads on with Erick issuing a warning to Kibe telling him;


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