Otile Brown expecting a child with mysterious woman

Otile Brown announces he’s going to be a dad very soon.

Kenyan musician Otile Brown has shared that he is going to be a father very soon.

He shared the news on his Instagram without divulging details about the mysterious woman who is carrying his child.https://sirikali.com/otile-brown-responds-to-people-claiming-his-music-is-trash/

“Bizee is soon going to be a papa. insha’Allah.”he wrote.

The excited Otile shared that he can’t wait to meet his child who he is going to love so much.

He however did not disclose when the baby is due or the gender of the baby.

Otile Brown has not been involved with anyone publicly after his famous relationship with Ethiopian ex-girlfriend Nabayet.

Last year, he had explained that he has found it hard to know the true intentions of potential partners, pointing out that fame has further complicated his dating life.https://sirikali.com/otile-brown-biography-age-net-worth-relationship-family-music/

“In this position I am, you don’t know whether the person you are meeting is sincere or not, it’s a hard test. I think the best time to get a partner is on your way up once you get there it is hard to tell who is real and who is not.” he said.


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