Vera Sidika Defends Asia’s Curly Hair

She Inherited from the Dad’s Side.

Socialite Vera Sidika and her musician baby daddy Brown Mauzo welcomed their daughter Princess Asia Brown on October 20, 2021 early in the morning.

Vera had revealed that she felt zero pain after giving birth through Cesarean section.

The little angel is so cute and neither her mom nor fans can get enough of her looks The socialite’s daughter is already a star and has 65.8k followers on Instagram.

Vera Sidika has come out to respond to claims that her daughter was sired by a white man because of her curly hair,her cute daughter is two months old.

The voluptuous socialite shared a series of posts on her Insta stories, revealing why her two-month-old daughter has curly hair.

First thing that shook me when I gave birth to her was her hair! It was full and very curly. The nurses at the hospital were all wowed, she said.

Vera has been busy hosting events at nightclubs and she revealed that her cute daughter inherited her curlyhair from her dads side .

My baby is so blessed with good long, curly hair. She is two-month-old and can almost hold a ponytail.

Hubby’s grandma has this exact same texture of hair and is extremely long.

Hubby’s cousins have the same hair. It’s safe to say she inherited from that side because my hair is a struggle, she added.

Vera said giving birth via C-Section is painless In October, a few days after giving birth. She wrote,

Whoever said CS surgery was so bad and very painful lied. I felt zero pain.My honest opinion on CS delivery; It has been 21 hours after surgery. Still, no pain at all and I can get up, walk around on my own.

I felt good during surgery. I saw, heard everything even told stories with my anaesthetist with some old RnB music in the background.


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