Pastor Ezekiel warns men against marrying Women named Diana

Pastor Ezekiel warns men against marrying Women named Diana.

Pastor Ezekiel of New life Christian church has warned men against marrying women that are named Diana.

He claimed that women named Diana love being in control and will end up controlling their husbands instead of submitting.

He further claimed no woman named Diana has been in a successful marriage.

“Ushawai kuona Diana yeyote kwa ndoa? Hakuna hata mmoja.Ukioa Diana uishi na yeye, yeye ndiye anakucontrol kama robot. Utaishi na Diana, she becomes the husband. When you show her that you want to take lead as the man of the house, she leaves. hapo nimeongea ukweli.” he said

Pastor Ezekiel went on to say the name Diana carries a special spirit and cautioned parents against naming their kid’s Diana.

“Usimpe mtoto wako jina Diana. Sababu akiolewa, utashare na watu. Diana anapendwa bila sababu hata kama hajui. Because the name carries a special spirit.” he claimed

In response, Musician Bahati and his wife Diana Marua called out the preacher for misleading the church.

“Is this a TRUE or FALSE Prophet??? 🙆 Somebody tell this Pastor to Stop Misleading the Church. @Diana_Marua and I are Celebrating 7 Golden Years of Marriage This Coming OCTOBER, 20TH. DIANAS ARE THE BEST!!!” Bahato wrote.

“Don’t be Married to Ezekiel’s!!! They will look at you straight in your eyes and LIE! Is this the same Ezekiel that was part of SHAKAHOLA MASSACRE????” Diana said.

Earlier this year Pastor Ezekiel Odero called up on women to refrain from getting dreadlocks, adding that it will ruin their lives.

The pastor said he believes women with dreadlocks are single and those who are already privileged to be in marriages are likely to be divorced.

“Hakuna mtu ako na rasta ako na bwana hakuna!…Kama ako na bwana ako barabarani anaenda.” Odero said.


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