Samsung Z Foldables
Samsung Z Foldables

Samsung’s Fourth Generation Foldables; Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4 Pushes The Limits Of Smartphone Versatility.

Samsung’s Fourth Generation Foldables Pushes The Limits Of Smartphone Versatility.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4 are the next iterations of revolutionary foldable smartphones from Samsung Electronics. Both devices provide form factors that can be customized, experiences that are made to order, and improved performance. The Galaxy Z series, now in its fourth generation, keeps challenging the status quo to create innovative, significant interactions that improve daily living.

The price of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 with 12GB RAM and 512GB internal storage is Kshs 256,999, while the price of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 with 12GB RAM and 256GB internal storage is Kshs 142,999.

The smartphones will be available for preorder starting August 11 and run until August 31. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 comes with a phone cover, an S-Pen, Samsung Care Plus, and a 24-month warranty, among other pre-order bonuses. Samsung has also teamed up with Badili to offer trade-in services where Kshs 25,000 will be added on top of the value of the phone that is being turned in. Additionally, Samsung has teamed up with Aspira to offer device financing, which will give customers 0% interest rates for 6 months.

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 includes a Clear Slim Phone Cover, Samsung Care Plus, a 24-month Warranty, a trade-in service with Badili where consumers pay Kshs 20,000 in addition to the value of their traded-in phones, and device financing with Aspira where customers will enjoy 0% interest rates for devices.

In his speech, Dr. TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics said;

Samsung Galaxy foldables are built on the foundation of our openness philosophy, enabling new possibilities with complete customization both inside and out. Created in collaboration with our world-class partners, the next foldable devices offer unparalleled mobile experiences that meet the needs of our most dynamic users.

Through our unwavering focus, excitement for the foldables continues to grow. We’ve successfully transformed this category from a radical project to a mainstream device line-up and enjoyed by people worldwide.

The Galaxy Z Flip4 relies on the popularity of Samsung’s classic form factor by preserving its ultra-compact shape while introducing crucial features like an improved photography experience, a bigger battery, and enhanced customizability. The Galaxy Z Fold4 offers users the most complete smartphone experience offered by Samsung to date, including shape-shifting design, immersive displays, and PC-like multitasking features, in addition to advanced camera technology and potent mobile processors. This device opens up new opportunities for users.

Galaxy Z Flip4 Specifications.

The Galaxy Z Flip4 improves the features that consumers love, making it the best instrument for expressing oneself. By partially folding Z Flip4 to activate FlexCam, you can take hands-free video or complete group selfies at different angles thanks to its innovative clamshell design. Even consumers’ preferred apps can be used to enjoy these. FlexCam is optimized for popular social media platforms including Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook as a result of Samsung’s collaboration with Meta.

Utilize the enhanced Quick Shot feature on the Z Flip4 to take high-quality selfies directly from the Cover Screen while doing more than ever before. Begin recording high-quality video in Quick Shot mode, then seamlessly switch to Flex mode to continue without pausing the footage, making it excellent for vloggers and content producers. With Quick Shot, users can now capture selfies in Portrait Mode and get the preview in the actual photo ratio. Photos and videos are sharper and more steady with the improved camera powered by the Snapdragon® 8+ Gen 1 Mobile Platform, which has a sensor that is 65 percent brighter.

With the Z Flip4, you can do more without ever picking up your phone. From the Cover Screen, you can make calls, react to texts, and even manage the SmartThings Scene widget.

With an increased 3,700mAh battery, the Galaxy Z Flip4 can capture, watch, and connect for extended periods of time. The Z Flip4 now supports Super-Fast Charging, which allows for a 50 percent charge in around 30 minutes, maintaining connectivity for users even when they are low.

The design is the most sophisticated to date thanks to the thinner hinge, straighter corners, contrasting hazed rear glass, and shiny metal frames. With Galaxy Themes on both the Cover and Main Screen, users can completely personalize the Z Flip4 inside and out to match their personal style with unique fonts, icons, and graphics. Additionally, users can design their own Cover Screens using fresh clock themes and backgrounds in a range of file types, including photos, GIFs, and even videos.

Galaxy Z Fold4 Specifications.

The most potent smartphone to date is the Galaxy Z Fold4, a product of Samsung Galaxy’s ongoing smartphone innovation. When opened, closed, or in Flex mode, the Z Fold4 uses Samsung’s comprehensive knowledge in mobile technology to produce a gadget with improved functionality. Additionally, it is the first handset from Samsung to come pre-installed with Android 12L, a variant of the operating system designed specifically for large-screen experiences, including foldables.

Z Fold4 makes multitasking simpler than ever so users can accomplish more while on the go. The redesigned Taskbar offers access to your favorite and most recent apps and has a layout similar to your PC. New swipe movements have made multitasking easier to understand. Change full-screen applications into pop-up windows instantly, or divide your screen in half for more ways to multitask.

The collaborations between Samsung and Microsoft and Google enhance multitasking. Google apps now feature drag-and-drop, enabling users to rapidly copy and paste URLs, images, and more from one program to another. Examples include Chrome and Gmail. With Google Meet, users may now communicate with additional individuals while engaging in virtual co-activities, such as playing games on a video call or co-watching YouTube videos. Utilizing the foldable display, Microsoft’s whole Office suite and Outlook offer more stuff on the screen and quicker ways to engage with it. S Pen functionality completes the multitasking experience by allowing on-the-go drawing and notetaking with organized storage inside the Standing Cover with Pen case.

The Galaxy Z Fold4’s enhanced 50MP wide lens and 30x Space Zoom lens produce beautiful images and videos. For greater capturing flexibility, a number of camera modes, such as the bigger Zoom map triggered on Capture View Mode, Dual Preview, and Rear Cam Selfie, are specially designed to take advantage of the distinct form factor. Additionally, users are able to take clear pictures even at night due to the large pixel size, a sensor that is 23 percent brighter, and improved processing power.

On the 7.6-inch Main Screen, which has a brighter screen, a 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, and a less noticeable Under Display Camera (UDC) with a new scatter-type sub-pixel layout, content is even more immersive and distinctive. Facebook and other well-known social media platforms are optimized for use on the wide screen for a better experience. Alternately, launch the apps for your preferred streaming services, such as Netflix, and use Flex mode to watch hands-free. With the new Flex Mode Touchpad, users may accurately manage the smartphone while stopping, rewinding, and playing videos, or zooming in and out of content while the device is in Flex mode, even for non-optimized apps.

Thanks to the potent Snapdragon® 8+ Gen 1 Mobile Platform and lightning-fast 5G, games are also more responsive. The bigger screen makes one-handed interactions with the Cover Screen simpler thanks to a smaller hinge, less weight, and even narrower bezels.

To provide the level of durability people expect, both inside and out, Samsung continues its path of barrier-breaking innovation. The Z Flip4 and Z Fold4 are the hardest foldables yet thanks to their Armor Aluminium frames and hinge covers as well as their special Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus®+ on the Cover Screen and Rear Glass. The Main Screen panel’s durability is further improved by the optimized layer structure, which helps lessen damage from outside shock. Additionally, the Z Flip4 and Z Fold4 also have IPX8 for water resistance, so users won’t have to worry as much if it starts to rain


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