Mumias MP Peter Salasya fulfills promise he made to Stevo Simple Boy

Mumias MP Peter Salasya fulfills promise he made to Stevo Simple Boy.

MP Peter Salasya has finally fulfilled his promise to Kenyan rapper Stevo Simple Boy.

He helped Stevo relocate to a one bedroom house where he paid rent for his first three months, he also gave him Ksh 30,000 to purchase furniture for his new house.

In addition he offered to sponsor her on a three month hairdressing course which would help her. He also committed to assisting her in establishing a starter business.

“I have convinced Stevo Simple Boy’s wife to join a three-month hairdressing and beauty course, which I will cover. I will also help her set up a salon as a long-term solution. I have advised Simple Boy to pursue any refresher course that I will also pay for so that music can become a side hustle for him in the future.” he said

He further pledged to build a house for Stevo in his village, Oyugis.

The MP had met with Stevo Simple Boy last week after word got out that the rapper is struggling financially.

The MP asked Stevo to look for a house of his choice starting Monday and he would help him move out and pay rent for the first three months. He also promised to buy the rapper new furniture.

He asked Stevo to be independent and to look for his own shows without depending on others.

He also called out bloggers and content creators who have been using Stevo for clout, without stretching a helping hand.


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