Reason why Crazy Kennar’s group separated revealed

Reason why Crazy Kennar’s group separated revealed.

Yvonne Khisa has shed some light on why Crazy Kennar’s team separated.

The team is currently facing tribulations and there are speculations of a break up.

It’s crew members, Yvonne Khisa, Bushra Sakshi, and Africas have all unfollowed Crazy Kennar on his social media platform.

Yvonne Khisa, one of the ‘tales of crazy Kennar’ crew members, has said growing up as the possible reason for the break up.

However, she did not come out clean whether the group is still intact or not.

Speaking in an interview, Yvonne expressed personal and professional growth as reason behind the change of the crew’s dynamics.

She also confirmed that Crazy Kennar’s health is excellent and fans should not be worried about him.

Her break up from the group was quite controversial as she posted a cryptic message before unfollowing Crazy Kennar.

“Toxic people acting as a victim is the funniest sh*t ever,” she wrote.

Fans have been overwhelmed by theories and discussions about the group’s future if indeed there is a breakup.


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