Amber Ray speaks out about her dislike for Vera, especially after the death of a mutual friend

Amber Ray reveals she and Vera hate each other.

Socialite Amber Ray continues to throw shade socialite come reality TV star Vera Sidika.

Speaking in an interview, she said she does not like Vera and the two of them are not in good terms.

She further claimed that a while back her best friend was really there for Vera Sidika and helped her so much but when she passed away, Vera was not present to mourn her, neither did she contribute anything to aid with the funeral.

Earlier this year, Amber shared the reason why she is angry with Vera.

According to Amber, when Vera moved to Mombasa, she kept calling their mutual friend saying she was broke but she still needed to hold a baby shower for her daughter Asia.

Amber said that friend also paid Vera’s hospital bill and hired a Limo to take Vera to a furnished apartment in Kilimani since Vera didn’t have a home in Nairobi.

She added that the reason she hates Vera is because when the friend died in 2021, Vera did not seem to care so much and was absent despite all the help the friend had given her.

Last year, Amber revived her beef with Vera by saying she finds her fake and without a clean heart.

The dispute was allegedly fuelled by Vera dating Brown Mauzo who was romantically involved with Amber a few years ago.

Vera however rubbished the claims saying that Amber Ray and Brown Mauzo were strictly business partners.


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