KRA PIN application requirements

KRA PIN application requirements for locals and foreigners.

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) PIN is a required identifying number for all Kenyan adults. Citizens and expatriates are required to have this one-of-a-kind legal identity in order to file tax returns.

However, you must enter your information in order to apply for a PIN. So, what are the conditions for obtaining a KRA PIN, and how do you go about getting one?

However, obtaining the identifier from the KRA website or the iTax interface is a difficult task.
As a result, here’s everything you need to know about getting your own unique identity.

The importance of KRA PIN number

The KRA PIN can be used to register a business, own houses, buy cars, and trade internationally, among other legal procedures.

When applying for loans, opening bank accounts, and completing employee records, the PIN is also required.
Furthermore, private and public organisations must register for a non-individual KRA PIN before conducting any business operations.

KRA PIN application for students

Students wishing to apply for their KRA PIN need to have certain legal information at hand before commencing the process.
These include:

  • National ID card details
  • Parents’ details
  • Physical and postal addresses
  • Email account

The fields listed above are not the only ones that must be filled out on the KRA PIN application form. As a result, make sure to accurately fill in the additional information as directed by the prompts.

All you need is a stable internet connection to complete the application process using the iTax portal.

You can also go to a computer café and have an assistant help you apply for a KRA PIN for a student. Please keep in mind that new taxpayers’ KRA PIN requirements are the same as those of students.

KRA PIN application requirements for a limited company

To operate enterprises in Kenya, all registered companies require a KRA PIN number. A company’s KRA PIN also qualifies it for a variety of legal transactions.

Property and land purchases, as well as government and private tender applications, are among them. Corporations need a Tax Compliance Certificate to create a bank account and use it for business activities (TCC).

Thus, it is safe to say that a company without a KRA PIN would be limited to the number of transactions it can do.

When applying KRA PIN for schools and other private companies, the following information is required:

  • iTax KRA pin for one of the company’s directors
  • Corporation and director details i.e. physical address, company contacts including telephone number and email address, commencement date, and business type.

Can a foreigner get a KRA PIN?

Yes, foreigners are eligible for KRA PIN and can even engage in business ventures. The requirements for applying for the KRA PIN varies depending on certain categories as explained below.

Non-citizen investor (Residing in Kenya)

  • Original passport and copy
  • Introductory letter from a lawyer or tax-agent and their PIN Proof of investment (Certificate of Incorporation/Compliance, CR12*, project proposal, endorsement by Kenya Investment Authority (KenInvest), etc.)
  • KenInvest Endorsement letter is given to registered companies with an investment exceeding USD 100,000 Investor’s permit
  • KRA PIN application acknowledgement receipt
  • Tax agent’s valid tax compliance certificate


Non-Citizen investor (living abroad)

  • Introductory letter
  • A registered tax agent’s PIN
  • The tax agent’s compliance certificate
  • The tax agent’s appointment letter
  • Proof of investment
  • Certified colored passport copy
  • The representative’s valid tax compliance certificate Endorsement letter from Kenya Investment Authority
  • KRA PIN acknowledgement receipt Residents An employee filing his tax returns online.
  • National ID card/Alien Card details
  • Employer’s PIN details for those who are employed
  • Business registration certificate for those running business operations

Non-citizen married to citizen

  • Coloured copy of the original Passport
  • Dependent’s pass and endorsed page of special pass and copies of both documents
  • A legal marriage certificate
  • Kenyan Identity card and PIN of spouse
  • KRA Acknowledgement Receipt

Non-citizen students or interns

  • Original passport, student ID and copies of both documents
  • Letter of introduction from Administration of Institute of learning/Internship letter
  • Student pass and endorsed page of student/internship/research pass
  • KRA Acknowledgement Receipt

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