Lilian Muli’s Advice On Reason To Not Go Back To An Ex

Lilian Muli’s Advice On Reason To Not Go Back To An Ex.


Media personality Lillian Muli strongly cautions women against rekindling past relationships with their exes, drawing from her own personal experiences. Get to know the Wash Wash cartel


As a mother of two, she openly shared that, based on her encounters, ex-partners rarely undergo substantial changes, making it a futile pursuit.


Reflecting on her own attempt to revive a relationship with an ex, Muli revealed that the endeavor ended in disappointment.


In her revelation, the journalist disclosed that she gave one of her exes a second chance, only to find out that he had a side chick who was expecting a child.


Expressing her heartache, Muli emphasized the unlikelihood of people changing, likening ex-partners to leopards whose spots remain unchanged.



“Never go back to an ex because leopards don’t change their spots. People don’t change. Tried this once and cried premium tears……


The dude had a heavily pregnant woman on the side. I should just write a book at this rate. Will you buy it?” She shared.



The anchor from Citizen TV, who shares children with two different fathers, is known for her openness about her co-parenting journey with them.


During her appearance on the first season of Kyallo Kulture, Lillian openly discussed the challenges of co-parenting with both of her children’s fathers.


She underscored the potential negative impact on children when relationships between parents are strained, highlighting the crucial need to prioritize their well-being.


Lillian’s journey to motherhood has encountered various challenges, including the end of her marriage to ex-husband Moses Kanene, with whom she shares her first son.


Following the divorce, Lillian refrained from using the name Kanene when introducing herself or signing off on TV.


Her second child, Liam, came into the picture after a whirlwind romance with Jared Ombongi, the President of Shabana FC.


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