Karen Nyamu and Samidoh
Karen Nyamu and Samidoh

Karen Nyamu Thanks Samidoh For Her Success

Karen Nyamu Thanks Samidoh For Her Success.


Over the recent weekend, Karen Nyamu openly conveyed her admiration for her second child’s father, Samidoh, commending him for his focus and diligent work ethic.Samidoh calls Karen Nyamu on stage


In the midst of a TikTok live session, Nyamu stressed that Samidoh was already a notable figure when they first crossed paths, dismissing any suggestions that she played a role in advancing his status.Karen Nyamu responds to people claiming Samido beat her up


“That guy puts in a tremendous amount of effort. He inspires and challenges me simultaneously. Without him, I wouldn’t have achieved what I have today. His commitment to work is outstanding.”


This isn’t the initial instance of Nyamu speaking highly of Samidoh. In November 2023, during an interview on the Convo YouTube channel, the mother of two once again praised the musician for his appealing vibe, laid-back demeanor, sense of humor, transparency, and genuineness.


“He is authentic, and he doesn’t put on a façade. He has a good soul.”


 “You don’t understand him well. He exudes an energy that I haven’t seen before. He is very captivating, and he often expresses unique thoughts. I consistently remind him of how extraordinary he is.”


Despite the complexities of being involved with a previously married man with three children, Karen acknowledged that her deep affection for Samidoh consistently pulled her back whenever she attempted to conclude the relationship.


She revealed that she had attempted to plan her exit but found it challenging to follow through.


“That’s the nature of relationships; now, why should I resist it? It’s not that I haven’t tried to resist it because of societal pressure and other factors. Being a good person, there were times when I acknowledged this situation as not being right. How do I feel about someone else? I think it’s wrong,” Karen explained.

She concluded by stating,


“Matters of the heart! I tried to strategize; I told myself to let it go, but my attempts failed. Another reason to choose him is that he does a lot for us; he is not financially strained. It’s just a natural bond between him and me.”


Karen Nyamu shared that she first noticed Samidoh during a political event.


“I can’t forget the kind of shoes he was wearing… I’m the one who made the first move. I am the type of person who tries not to overlook something I find appealing.”


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