Poshy Queen Denies Dating Harmonize’s Former DJ

Poshy Queen Denies Dating Harmonize’s Former DJ.


Socialite and businesswoman Poshy Queen has found herself compelled to respond to allegations suggesting that she was romantically involved with Harmonize’s former DJ before leaving him for the singer. Harmonize sparks dating rumors with Socialite Hamisa Mobetto


Poshy, in a released statement, refuted the claims, accusing DJ Seven of fabricating the narrative for the sake of garnering attention and publicity.


She emphasized that her association with DJ Seven has been purely professional, having worked together on multiple occasions, but they have never been romantically involved.



“I wasn’t not going to talk about this, but I think at this point for the sake of me and my man’s image, with all sincerity I have never at any point in life dated DJ Seven, who used to be a friend and we have worked together he knows the truth, I’m not that stupid, please respect my man and stop the drama,” Poshy Queen shared.


Recently, DJ Seven claimed that his former employer, Harmonize, had taken his girlfriend, Poshy Queen, leading to his departure from Konde Gang.


However, it has now been clarified that there was no romantic involvement between Poshy Queen and DJ Seven.


Poshy Queen, displeased with the circulating rumors on social media, urged DJ Seven to respect her current relationship with Harmonize and refrain from perpetuating false information.


In a turn of events, Harmonize and Poshy Queen publicly acknowledged their relationship a few days ago, confirming weeks of speculation.


On January 15, 2024, the artist openly expressed his love for Poshy Queen on his social media platforms.


Harmonize even went to the extent of disclosing that he has entrusted Poshy Queen with all his social media passwords, cautioning individuals sliding into his DMs to exercise caution.



“Loyal man in the world. My love goes with my cellphone, she has my phone password already. In case you’re getting weird reply still got love for you. All,” he said.



 “We planned to team up before but haikuwezekana. Wish you the best this is my last destination. Onyoo. Hajawahi tembea na yeyote ninae mjua. Respect here as my girl. Popote utakapomuona. Stop Dramas,” He added.


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