Zanzibar bans men from plaiting their hair

Zanzibar bans men from plaiting their hair.

Government of Zanzibar has decided to ban men from Plaiting their hair, those who will be caught will face a fine of Sh1 million, six months imprisonment, or even both.

The executive secretary of the Council of Arts, Film, and Culture in Zanzibar, Dr. Omar Adam, said that the action aims at protecting Zanzibar traditions and it’s culture.

Police will arrest all men who plait their hair in Zanzibar without a special permit and any man who wants to have permission to plait will be required to pay Tsh1 million.

“Police will arrest all men who plait hair; this is not acceptable by the arts council, and there is a special permit for plaiting hair, which is Sh1 million, and we have set that price in order to deter them. Now it is your choice to either pay Sh1 million to plait or buy a razor to shave.” he said.

The law has however been in existence since 2015 but has not been implemented.

Omar, however, did not state whether it would apply to foreign visitors too.


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