Tiwa Savage performs after leaked sex tape

Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage has been termed as a strong woman after she chose not to let her leaked sex tape affect her life.

Tiwa Savage’s blackmailer had threatened her that they would leak her sex tape if she did not pay the amount of money they asked for.

The Nigerian Singer decided to come forward about the sex tape blackmail by talking about it on a radio station before it got leaked.

Tiwa said that she decided not to give in to the blackmailers’ demands as they would not stop with the extortion.

She went savage and let the blackmailers do what they wanted with her sex tape.

The sex tape came out on the internet and has been widely viewed due to her celebrity status.

To the surprise of many Tiwa has continued with her life and has currently been promoting her new collabo with US artist Brandy.

Tiwa recently showed up at a performance and mid show talked about her leaked sex tape which sent the crowd into a frenzy.

Her thick skin has got people talking with some saying that she could have used the tape to promote her new song.

Other people say she din’t at all have a problem with the tape being leaked as she knew the tape was being filmed, so she expected it may be leaked at one point.

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