Why Kenyan artists are being sabotaged

Over the past few days, songs of top Kenyan artists have been pulled down from YouTube one after the other.

Some of the artists who have fallen victim include Otile Brown, Nadia Mukami and Nviiri The Storyteller.

Top performing songs of Otile brown such as ‘Dusuma’ and ‘Changuo la Moyo’ were pulled down from the streaming platform without any explanation.

The incident saw the singer take to instagram live to address his fans on what the issue could be. Otile said the songs were pulled down by ‘people’ who did not want to see him succeed.

He further sent a message to the ‘culprits’ saying his success was not handed to him, and he worked hard to get to where he is.

The sabotage made musician Naiboi come out and reveal that the reason he has not been able to release any music for years is because he was also being controlled by the same people.

“All I ever wanted was to release music for my fans. And najua mafans wanashangaa whats up with a Naiboi.

My hands have been tied for almost two years now. And I tried being ata mercy of hawa wasee. I might need serious lawyers. I might I think. Nimefika mwisho.

I miss Naiboi as much as you do. Pray for me. I keep everything to myself a lot. But nimefika mwisho. I love music so much it hurts me I have over 800 songs and I can’t release even a single one???… “Naiboi said.

The event has seen people share their views on why the music industry in Kenya has never advanced despite having artists with numerous potential.

Artists in Kenya are made to sign deals that limit their growth due to the power that favours their distributors.

There have been speculations that the top Kenyan artists fell out with their music distributors which led to their music being pulled out from YouTube.

Before the sabotage Otile Brown had garnered over 225 million views on YouTube which now stands at 35 million.

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