20 Year Old Woman Murderer Spoke Swahili

20 Year Old Woman Murderer Spoke Swahili.


In the ongoing murder investigation of a female university student at a Roysambu apartment in Nairobi, witnesses have reported that the perpetrator spoke Swahili during interactions. Family Of slain 20 Year Old Woman Finally Talk As Identity Revealed


Described as young, light-skinned, and familiar with the area, the killer left a distinct impression on those present.


The witnesses, including the apartment owner and two other men, participated in an identification parade at Kasarani police station. Nigerian Man Arrested for Murder and Dismemberment of 20 year Old Woman


This event followed the arrest of a man leaving the airport, who was later declared innocent. The witnesses, arrested near the crime scene, will be held for ten days as the police delve into the murder of Rita Waeni Muendo, a student at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture Technology.


During arraignment, the witnesses faced charges related to their failure to record details of the killer, as required by law, during his stay at Green House Apartments. This lapse hindered the investigative process.


The woman was tragically killed and dismembered by an unidentified man who had rented a unit in Green House Apartments without providing personal information.


The witnesses emphasized that the killer spoke Swahili during the identification parade, a detail consistent with the owner’s account of the killer booking the room in Swahili.


Notably, the initially arrested foreigner, detained at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, was released after it was discovered that he had stayed in South C and did not comprehend Swahili.


The police are now intensifying efforts to locate the suspected killer believed to be still within the country.


“As to whether he is a Kenyan, we do not know. We are looking for a killer who is out there and could harm more,” an investigator said.


The individual opted to make a cash payment for the apartment, effectively concealing his tracks. Witnesses called in to identify the arrested man contradicted each other, with some describing the traveler as old, while the suspect appeared younger and lighter.


This discrepancy has reset the investigation, with the law enforcement team acknowledging that the pursuit of the killer is ongoing.


Additionally, investigators have uncovered information suggesting that the victim, Waeni, and her assailant initially connected on the social media platform Instagram. Detectives gained access to Waeni’s account, shedding light on the circumstances leading up to her murder on January 13 in a Roysambu apartment in Nairobi.


Further revelations come from Waeni’s family, who confirmed her as a fourth-year student at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.


The family disclosed that the perpetrator had demanded a ransom of Sh500,000 to spare Waeni’s life. Disturbingly, the killer sent a photo to the family using Rita’s mobile phone, showcasing preparations for her demise with a hacksaw.


This macabre tactic aimed to coerce the family into complying with the monetary demand. The motive behind this harrowing episode remains unclear, leaving unanswered questions for both investigators and the grieving family.


According to the family’s account, Waeni left her aunt’s residence in Syokimau to meet a friend. At approximately 5 am on Sunday, her father received a message from her phone number, conveying a ransom demand of Sh500,000 within 24 hours for the student’s release.


“With this message, the family reported the matter to the police and DCI, and investigations began,” the statement reads.


They said an additional two messages were sent to the family demanding the ransom.


“Unfortunately, we did not get further details about the ransom or an opportunity to explore this route. Some demands were made when she had already been murdered,” the family said.


The body parts of the student, who was due to join her fourth year of university, were found inside a trash bag in the apartment by the caretaker on Sunday, January 14. Her head was, however missing.


“We believe she was lured by her killer, who also tried to extort money from her family, even after killing her,” the family added.


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