Amber Ray reveals she’s not breastfeeding her newborn

Amber Ray reveals she’s not breastfeeding her newborn.

Kenyan Socialite Amber Ray has shared details of the birth of her daughter Africanah Rapudo.

On an Instagram live, she revealed that she opted for normal birth because she is an active person and she loves moving around.

She explained that with normal birth, it’s easier for someone to get back on their feet as soon as possible compared to caesarian section which requires alot of rest for the wound to heal completely.

She however disclosed that the birth was not a walk in the park especially since her doctor advised her against using epidural which eases the pain.

At the same time, she revealed that she stopped breastfeeding Africana because she has no breast milk.

“I am not breast feeding, maziwa ilikataa kabisa but I was really looking forward to it.” she said.


Last month, Amber called upon her fans to help her with ideas on how she can increase her breast milk. She said that the issue was stressing her so much.


“There is something that is really stressing me and I just felt like I need to ask you guys. Mothers who are breastfeeding, what do you do to get breast milk? I have tried everything. Eating lactating cookies, the pills, but my milk is still little. The maximum I can get is 50ml. Seriously, what are you guys using?” she revealed.

During her first pregnancy, things were different since she had enough breast milk for her son.

The social media influencer then questioned whether her getting a child later in life might be one of the contributors.

“The funny thing is that with my firstborn, I had so much milk. Have I hit menopause already? I have even tried pumping. I had to introduce my baby to formula. At the moment she even refuses to breastfeed.” she continued.

Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo welcomed their child in may.



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