Details emerge on Arrow Bwoy’s 10 year marriage after confirming relationship with Nadia Mukami

Details emerge on Arrow Bwoy’s 10 year marriage after confirming relationship with Nadia Mukami. 

With a sensual snapshot of them kissing at the Coast, Nadia Mukami confirmed her romoured relationship with the singer Arrow Bwoy.

The two had kept their relationship a secret for a long time until hours ago when they went on Instagram Live and revealed they have been dating for quite some time.

In the Live video Nadia confirms that they were indeed dating for some time now, adding that she refers to him as Baba Safari and not by his famous nickname.

Nadia uploaded a photo of the two kissing on the beach and captioned it;

My hardworking, patient, pure hearted handsome man! Baba Safari AKA kinda wakwa, indicating that they are dating.

There had been speculations that the two could have been dating but neither of them had come clean. The two have been in the limelight for a while but no one knew about their personal lives until the revelation.

The news on Arrow Bwoy being married has caught fans by surprise and at a time when no one expected as he had just confirmed being in another relationship.The woman married to Arrow Bwoy goes by the name Fahima Fain, and works as a salonist.

Arrow Bwoy is believed to be neglecting her, according to a source on Edgar Obare’s Instagram.

The source went on to add that Arrow Bwoy has never acknowledged his wife and walks on the streets telling people he is a single man. They are said to have been married for almost ten years.

Nadia Mukami, on the other hand, has previously hinted that she was dating an Indian man named Priyan. She is now said to have dumped him for Arrow Bwoy, and that the Indian guy was only for the video.

The news on Arrow Bwoy’s marriage has created a heated discussion online as people wondered if Arrow boy had told Nadia about the woman who has been in his life, or whether Nadia has been clueless. This comes after details emerged on allegations that Arrow Bwoy had just been on vacation with the wife in coast.

Some people went as far as concluding that his relationship with Nadia may not last.Well, Let’s wait and see.

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