Jimal Rohosafi and Amira
Jimal Rohosafi and Amira

Jimal Rohosafi and Amira out together a day after Amber Ray confirmed being single

Jimal Rohosafi and Amira spotted out together.

Just a day after we reported that Amber Ray had confirmed being single, Jimal Rohosafi and Amira (his first wife), have been spotted at the same restaurant. Both Amira and Jamal uploaded their social media posts that showed they were at the same place.

Jimal Rohosafi uploaded a TikTok video on his Instagram stories that showed him seated at a restaurant, with the same name as that of the restaurant that Amira was in.

Amira also shared an image on her Insta stories showing her seated at a different angle of the same restaurant. It was easy for people to join the dots as the probability of the two wounding up together at the same place is slim to none.

Since Amber Ray and Jamal broke up there have been speculations that Jamal Rohosafi had gone back to Amira especially after the first prank announcement made by Amber that she was no longer dating Jamal.

Now that Amber Ray has confirmed being single and not looking for a lover, seems that Jamal and Amira could be back on. What do you think?

Jimal and Amira being at the same joint has raised discussions online with people saying that maybe they met to discuss family matters, as they have two kids together, or could be planning for school fees, who knows?

Some have said that the relationship between Amber and Jamal was not meant to be as during the chaotic drama that unfolded at their estate, a dead bird was found near Amber’s house which people assumed that Amber had put Jamal under a spell.

Photos showing Amber Ray at a witchdoctor’s holding a hen had also been previously revealed on social media. This led to speculations that she was using witchcraft to win men over hence her nickname ‘demakuku.’


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