Mulamwah and Carrol Sonie End Relationship

Mulamwah Takes Carol Sonie To Court

Mulamwah Takes Carol Sonie To Court.


Renowned Kenyan comedian and public figure, Mulamwah, has recently made public his intention to take legal action against his baby mama, Caroline Muthoni, popularly known as Carrol Sonie, for allegations of defamation and child abuse.


As per the notice shared by Mulamwah on his social media platforms, his legal representatives dispatched a parental responsibility agreement to Carrol Sonie on September 26, 2022. Carol Sonie Responds To Mulamwah


However, the lack of response prompted Mulamwah to issue another notice on February 1, 2023.


Mulamwah alleges that Carrol Sonie has persistently defamed him through her YouTube channel while simultaneously obstructing his access to their daughter.


The notice further highlights Mulamwah’s distress over a video posted on Carrol’s YouTube channel on November 29, 2023, wherein she purportedly labeled him a negligent father.


Mulamwah disputes this claim, citing instances where Carrol allegedly returned monetary support without justification.


In addition to the defamation accusations, the notice also addresses Carrol Sonie’s unilateral decision to change their child’s name without Mulamwah’s consent.


“Your accusations are not only untrue but also detrimental to our client’s personal and professional reputation as he is a public figure. Your defamatory statements have caused significant harm to our client’s reputation among right-thinking members of the society. The consequences of your actions have been exposing our client to online bullying ridicule and threats of personal harm,” read the notice in part.


Carrol Sonie has been instructed to publicly retract the defamatory statement, promptly removing all images and videos of her daughter from YouTube.


Furthermore, she is required to provide a copy of her daughter’s birth certificate along with a written explanation for the name change within a timeframe of 10 days.


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